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So, what is happening now?

Thanks for patiently stewing on my last big announcement. I have met many people around Livingstone Macleod over the last 8 weeks and found myself having the same conversation over and over again, many people are saying they are politically homeless. Life long conservatives who no longer recognize this version of conservatism the UCP has created, but in the same breath could not face voting for the NDP party either. The deeper I found myself campaigning for the UCP nomination the more I became acutely aware that this party no longer represented my values as a conservative. I too found myself politically homeless.

I was conflicted, I wanted to serve Livingstone Macleod, but could no longer support the UCP. I considered running independent, but I felt that would not do myself or the residents of Livingstone-Macleod any good. I was then reintroduced to the Alberta Party

The Alberta Party is an established party that filled all the gaps that were missing for me with the UCP. Here is a party that aligns with my values perfectly and from what I have been hearing from residents of Livingstone-Macleod is the party they have also been searching for. I was left unsettled hearing from people across the region that they are voting against something. Voting against the UCP, voting against the NDP, voting against their leaders. The Alberta Party gave me a place to vote FOR something and I believe you will find the same. No more games. No more division. No egos. Just pure service to the best interest of the people we represent. PEOPLE, PROVINCE, PROSPERITY These are the guiding principles of the Alberta Party.

I met with the leader of the Alberta Party Barry Morishita last week and I was beyond impressed and inspired by him and the party's direction. One thing that stood out significantly for me is that this party is about actual representation and will not have a whip. This means decisions will be made for the best interests of Livingstone-Macleod, not the party. MLAs for The Alberta Party have autonomy. The party of course has their core values, but the needs of Livingstone-Macleod are very different than the needs of central Calgary and should be represented as such. The Alberta Party allows for this.

This was not a decision made lightly, and I encourage you, if you also find yourself lost by the current directions of the two main political parties to look into the Alberta Party. This is the movement we have been waiting for. Besides my meeting with Barry Morishita I have been incredibly impressed with the assistance of the local CA boards well as the party itself. They have been very welcoming and helpful and I thank them for supporting me as well as ALL the other nominees who have chosen to step up.

Therefore, I am officially announcing my nomination for The Alberta Party Livingstone-Macleod. Nominations are now open if you too would like to run for this truly grassroots and practical party. For information contact the CA president Kieth Carlson for more information.

My ask to you is this:

  1. Check out the Alberta Party

  2. View their platform and policies here

  3. If you like what you see donate and/or buy a membership

  4. If you see me at the coffee shops or driving around Livingstone-Macleod stop me and let's chat!

Exciting times for something new in Livingstone-Macleod!

Kevin Todd

Kevin Todd for MLA of Livingstone-Macleod

Kevin Todd was born and raised in the community of Nanton and has had the privilege of raising his own family in the same town. As his family has grown in this rural community, so has his commitment and service to the town and surrounding areas. Kevin has always been an active member of the community, whether it be volunteering with the Nanton Futures Foundation, Nanton Promoters, or the Nanton Golf Club. He also holds previous municipal political experience, having served on the Town Council for multiple years. Sharing his deep sense of nieghborhood involvement, Kevin's wife and both of his daughters are also an active part in the Nanton community.


Starting at the age of 12, Kevin travelled throughout Southern Alberta as both a hockey player and referee. He continues to travel through the riding as an avid outdoorsman and spends many weekends with his family camping, hunting, fishing, and quadding in the big, beautiful backyard that is the Rocky Mountains.


Kevin’s background in finance and his keen entrepreneurial spirit is what keeps him visiting all parts of the province and beyond as part of his work life. He never misses an opportunity to learn something new from a stranger, hop in his truck and drive a couple hours for a cup of coffee, or have a chat about the importance of getting outdoors and getting back to nature.


As much as he enjoys collaborating with people from all walks of life and exploring the small-town gems Alberta has to offer, Kevin always finds himself drawn back to Nanton. To him, southern Alberta is the heart of the province, and it holds a special place for both himself and his family.

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